Succes! 90 air quality sensors programmed at Flanders Environment Agency

Over the past few weeks, no less than 90 air quality sensors have been installed and made operational at Flanders Environment Agency.

Recently, air quality sensors were developed that can be bought at a (very) low cost. But at the same time there is uncertainty on how good these cheap alternatives actually are in measuring air pollution. With LIFE VAQUUMS, we investigate their potential for measuring key air quality indicators such as particulate matter, ozone and nitrogen dioxide.

To do so, the 18 most promising sensors were selected. Each type of sensor now undergoes more extensive lab and field tests. Based on the results we will produce advice and manuals for their correct use.

 _D7K1396_dylos_web.jpg       O3 Membrapor C5 aeroqual web.jpg       O3 Membrapor C5 aeroqual web2.jpg